Jesuit Identity

  • Cura Personalis: Care for the whole person. Marquette fosters a community that focuses on personal, physical, spiritual and emotional development.
  • Magis: Students are challenged to integrate what they’re learning in the classroom with what they believe in their personal lives, and giving them the chance to see how the two can overlap and coincide.
  • Campus Ministry: Campus Ministry offers a wide range of retreat offerings where students are able to better explore their faith.
  • Service: Servant leadership is taught not only inside the classroom, but also in community participation, engagement and service work, giving students the chance to explore their faith, as well as see it in action

Jesuit Identity

Hi, I'm Jane Lorenzi. I'm originally from Baltimore, Maryland, and I'm studying International Affairs in the College of Arts and Sciences.

When I think of Marquette I think of family. For me, what makes Marquette unique is that it encourages these relationships. We really pride ourselves on focusing on openness, on focusing on conversation, on focusing on cura personalis-- a word that we use lot-- care for the whole person.

I feel like Marquette really challenges students to engage in the magis or in what more can they do for the glory of God by challenging them to integrate what it is that they're learning in the classroom with what they believe in their personal lives. And challenging them to sort of see how those two can overlap and coincide-- and how they work together.

Through campus ministry we have a wide range of retreat offerings. You name it, we have a retreat for you. And it's a great opportunity to be connected to students who are asking questions about faith and just asking questions about is there more in life.

Service and care for the human person is something that crosses so many boundaries and all different faith traditions. And participating in community, engagement, and service work here at Marquette allows you to both express that faith, but also grow and deepen your understanding of faith and what that looks like.


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