• All students have unlimited use of Milwaukee County Transit.
  • The Third Ward warehouse district, located just one mile from campus, features shops, restaurants and the Milwaukee Public Market.
  • Internship, clinical placements and jobs are plentiful throughout Milwaukee.


Hello, everyone. My name is James Price. I'm an advertising major here at Marquette, and I am from Bolinbrook, Illinois.

The one thing that I love about Milwaukee the most would have to be how small Milwaukee is, but it still has that city feel where you can do different things. Like go down to the Marcus Theater or go out to the Bradley Center. And it's in close proximity. I just think it has that big city feel. It's something that I really, really enjoy.

I think the thing I love most about living in Milwaukee is how accessible it is. One day, and my bunch of friends decided to hop on the bus and kind of see where it took us. So our first stop, we stopped down by the Third Ward. That's kind of like a warehouse district that would repurpose the buildings. There's a lot of fun shops down there. Great restaurants.

Going to the public market and being able to buy fresh food and fresh produce. And it's near the lake as well. I think it's really nice because there's so many different eateries that have just a bunch of shops that you can go and just hang out.

I think the greatest thing about being so close to a big city is all the resources that we have right at our fingertips. You know, you can go downtown to get off campus, grab a bite to eat, go shopping. Or even job opportunities, internship opportunities, are all right there, right off campus.

It's super affordable in terms of living expenses. So that's really nice because it gives-- affords the opportunity for students to live off campus if they want to, and still be able to do all the fun things you love to do in Milwaukee.


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