Community Engagement

  • Student education and community engagement go hand in hand because they’re both honored as a vital source of knowledge.
  • Students are able to learn about the social justice issues that are important in our city, in our communities but also in the global world both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • A variety of service opportunities on campus and domestically. Whether it be an on-campus service organization, or an alternative break service program in New Orleans or New York, service has no limits.

Community Engagement


Hi. My name's Joe Bartoletti. I'm studying Biomedical Sciences and Spanish for the Health Professions, and I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Marquette being a Jesuit school, there's a foundational concept which has us be men and women for and with others. And so I think that being a guiding principle, it means that student education and community engagement go hand in hand. Because they're both honored as vital source of knowledge.

At Marquette, we talk a lot about going forth and setting the world on fire. And part of that is learning about the social justice issues that are really important in our city, in our communities, but also in the global world. And you learn about those in your academics. And that's really important and one way of understanding those. But it's also really important that you're out in the community and learning to feel those things.

So there's a variety of different service opportunities on campus, as well as domestically for students. Everything from Big Brothers Big Sisters, to S Buddies, to all sorts of different things. And it's great, because the Center for Community Service will meet with students one-on-one and get to figure out what their needs are.

And then when it comes to also extending that beyond campus, there's a variety of different programs that do everything from winter break to spring break to the first week of summer programs all over the place, whether it be New Orleans, New York, all sorts of different cities that are going to be covered there. So it's cool because that service component, that community that you're part of, Marquette, extends to the entire country.


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