• Marquette offers 14 Division I varsity sports, more than 30 club sports, and a variety of intramural sports.
  • Campus is home to two recreational facilities equipped with a gym, volleyball courts, basketball courts, and swimming pools.
  • Men’s Division I basketball competes in the BMO Harris Bradley Center in downtown Milwaukee where the student body gathers as one of the best student sections in college sports.


[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello everybody. My name is Mike DeLaRosa. I am a public relations major from Zion, Illinois. There are actually a lot of different ways that students can get involved in athletics here Marquette. Whether that be through D one athletics, so Division one athletics, or through club sports here at Marquette, or even intramural sports. So it really depends on the level that the student wants to get involved in.

We have two recreational facilities on campus that is equipped with a gym, and volleyball courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, that kind of thing, that a lot of people really like to go to. We also have an outdoor recreational facility called Valley Fields where, if you wanted to go play a pickup soccer game or something like that, you can have access to that as well.

We are a really big basketball school. Weekend games are going to be pretty big. Big deal here at Marquette. Everyone's up really early, getting ready for the games, and everyone dresses up, and it's pretty incredible because, like I said, I'm a cheerleader here at Marquette.

So when I'm going to the games, I'm driving in our spare van to head over to the games, and you just drive, and you just see how many students will actually go to these games and everyone just rallies around basketball. It's pretty great.

We have a club hockey team here which is really popular. The games are really fun. They'll take a bus load of students out there to kind of go and support and it's really fun. But the students really get involved in Marquette athletics. At every game, you can find a student section that's always really loud and really excited, and has its own cheers and everything like that, and that's a fun thing to get involved in.



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