Student Life

  • Organization Fest: Each of our 300+ student organizations gather in Central Mall at the beginning of each semester so students have the opportunity to explore different interests that they may have.
  • Study Abroad: Marquette has study abroad programs on every continent except for Antarctica. Programs are offered in English and in native language instruction.

Student Life


Here at Marquette, there's an activity for everyone. Whether you're interested in getting involved with acapella, group service organizations, academic opportunities, research opportunities, that's available to you.

Yeah. It started getting involved with student activities for me was at O-Fest. So that first day on campus, we have all the student organizations lining the academic quad. It's great because you can pick it by your different interest. So I was able to get involved with everything from a meal program that's served twice a week right on campus, to different types of stuff from the city of Milwaukee, more engaged towards rebuilding homes and all sorts of stuff like that.

So I joined the Society of Women Engineers because I wanted to meet people who had done the same thing that I had done. And then once I kind of figured out my study habits, what campus was really like, then I started to expand into other horizons. I applied to be a tour guide. I joined Greek life.

So I like to say that Marquette has study abroad programs on every continent except for Antarctica. Some of the main programs that we offer are in Cape Town, South Africa, which is a service learning opportunity, but we also have partner organizations, exchange programs with universities in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America. Even in the United States we have a program called the Les Aspin program which the public policy opportunity where you can study in DC for a whole semester living on Capitol Hill. Those are all priceless experiences of Marquette. It does a great job of making sure you get connected to that if you're interested in studying abroad.



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